About Nicky

An artist at heart

Born in Bedfordshire, England, Nicky has been creating since an early age and has started to fully realise his passion since 2018.

Having recently quit his career in construction, he is finally producing art full-time

As he began to explore his creative side, he discovered a new sense of purpose and fulfilment and hopes to provide this feeling to others through the artistic medium.

Working with mainly acrylics, inks or graphite, his work can be described as figuratively abstract, with emotive aesthetics and messaging while acting as a window into human experience with unflinching honesty and vulnerability.

Nicky's work is not just about the end creation; it's about the story it portrays of the human condition and the positives and negatives that come with that. Passionate about mental health, his art is a healing vehicle for others, including himself.

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